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How can you start your workday feeling refreshed? A whopping six out of seven American adults report feeling groggy at the beginning of their workday. The following tips will aid you in feeling clear-headed, alive and alert to begin your workday!

Perfect your Nighttime Routine

Your goal is to sleep through the night in order to wake up feeling refreshed. There are many ways to assist this process. Try to go to bed around the same time every night, avoid drinking alcohol or caffeine in the evenings and turn down the lights and the thermostat. Lastly and arguably most importantly, avoid looking at screens in the hours leading up to bed. The blue light emitted by electronics can disrupt your body’s ability to produce sleep-enhancing chemicals. Instead of staring at a screen, adopt a soothing bedtime ritual, such as taking a bath or meditating to help you wind down before climbing into bed.

Ditch the Snooze Button

When you hear your alarm but still feel groggy, hitting snooze seems like the most natural course of action. You want more sleep so you’re going to get it. In fact, snoozing can actually leave you feeling worse than you did when the alarm first went off. You’re better off getting right out of bed when the alarm sounds for the first time. If you hit snooze and fall back asleep, your body begins a new sleep cycle which when interrupted minutes later, can leave you feeling even more tired than before. If you really have trouble staying away from the snooze button, place your alarm on the other side of your bedroom. This will physically force you to wake up and go turn it off.

Get Fresh Air in the Morning

Start your morning off with some fresh air. Exposure to natural light in the morning can provide you with a boost of energy which helps you wake up faster. If you have the time and ability, try to stay outside for thirty minutes in the morning. You can enhance the positive effects from fresh air by taking a brisk walk at the same time. This will not only give you access to natural light but also get your blood flowing, increasing energy and alertness!

Grogginess can contribute to irritability, stress and difficulty concentrating on the job, impeding work performance. Plus, it’s simply not enjoyable to sit down at your desk not feeling your best. Instead, follow these tips and wake up feeling ready to take on the day!