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The culture of a company determines the level of customer service that they offer and the satisfaction of the employees. For companies to succeed, it’s important to create a great culture that makes everyone enjoy coming into work each day. If you’re looking for a few examples of companies that have fantastic cultures, there are a few companies who have set the example.


From rooftop meetings to a team-oriented environment, there is plenty to love if you work at Twitter. Employees aren’t shy about proclaiming why they enjoy working for the company due to an environment that offers yoga classes, unlimited vacations, and free meals at their headquarters.


Google is known as having one of the friendliest and most fun settings out of most tech companies. Inside their offices, you’ll find free meals that are available to the staff, a dog-friendly environment, and gyms with plenty of equipment. Employee trips, parties, and high salaries are additional perks, including managers who promote a healthy work-life balance make it a worthwhile place to be employed.


Various core values are instilled in each employee that works at Zappos with raises that are available when the staff passes various skills test from time to time. The company offers $2,000 to employees who decide that the job isn’t for them in the first few weeks. At Zappos, it’s easy to find a fun and laidback environment with a team that works hard to provide excellent customer service. Great benefits is an added perk of working for the company.

Warby Parker

As a hipster eyewear company that has a strong presence online, Warby Parker works hard to create a positive culture for its employees with fun lunches and programs that are available to team members. Warby Parker makes it a point to always have an upcoming event on the calendar to ensure that the staff can look forward to fun occasions throughout the year. They encourage the staff to keep the break areas clean and send employees out together for lunch to instill a family environment where everyone works closely together.


Employees enjoy the health and fitness sites that are available in the workplace at the Chevron offices. They encourage employees to take regular breaks throughout the day and look out for the safety of each team member.