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Are you thinking about quitting your 9-5 job and going out on your own as an entrepreneur? Read on to see if you have the characteristics of an effective entrepreneur.

You Take Action

The best entrepreneurs take action without pause. They have an idea and they bring it to light. People who have a concept but not a detailed strategy, are more likely to have an entrepreneurial ability.

Not Afraid the Take Risks

Naturally, entrepreneurs cannot be afraid to take risks. Effective entrepreneurs take risks daily with their money and their time. Being an entrepreneur in itself is a risk that the majority of the population does not take. Once you are in the role, successful entrepreneurs are able to assess the level of each risk they take and choose which make sense and which do not.


As an entrepreneur, you will not have a consistent schedule, a consistent pay check or really any consistency at all. Successful and effective entrepreneurs are flexible and adaptable to any situation. They understand the nature of the business and they are able to adapt to that. If you are someone who needs structure, the entrepreneurial avenue may not be the one for you.


The most successful entrepreneurs are typically the most organized as well.  Lacking proper organizational skills will leave you cleaning up unnecessary messes instead of focusing on your business. You will need to keep your appointments organized, as well as any meetings, events, etc.

Good Money Management

When you are entrepreneur, it is critical to understand that it will take time to become profitable and while you are striving for financial success, any money you utilize needs to monitored down to the cent. Capital is limited when entrepreneurs are first starting out and every cent must be put to good use. An entrepreneur with poor money management skills will not be effective or successful.

The most effective entrepreneurs have many great characteristics. They take action quickly and they are not afraid to take risks. They are adaptable to environments and situations, and they remain organized. They also must have above average money management skills. If you believe you have these qualities, perhaps entrepreneurship is in your future!