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Glenn Neasham

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About Glenn

Glenn Neasham is an insurance agent, business executive, and entrepreneur with decades of experience. He owns and operates Glenn Neasham Insurance Agency, which provides top-notch services to clients who want to feel confident in their financial futures.

Over the past 30+ years Mr. Neasham has established his unique footprint in the insurance sector. He has steadily developed Glenn Neasham Insurance Agency into a comprehensive resource for people who need insights into the ins and outs of IRA’s, 401K plans, annuities, and estate planning. At the same time, he has sought out ways to strengthen the impact of the agency by partnering with others. His agency is currently affiliated with Tarkenton Financial LLC, a national financial marketing organization led by Fran Tarkenton, NFL Hall of Famer and renowned entrepreneur.

While Mr. Neasham currently focuses on his work in insurance, he has a demonstrated history in other professional areas as well. He previously owned and operated two local newspapers, the Citrus Heights City Times and the Gold River News, while he was living in Granite Bay, California. Mr. Neasham was also the publisher for both of these papers. He joined the local Chamber of Commerce during this time as well.

Mr. Neasham concluded his activity in the newspaper business in 2005, but his experiences continue to shape his professional approach to this day. He led both papers to success in their communities, and also made it his mission to motivate the talented individuals that worked behind the scenes. His “team” raised $25,000.00 for Relay for Life.

Mr. Neasham also owns a patent pending product that will revolutionize the bathroom market world wide, and he is currently seeking out opportunities to partner with other professionals on this exciting new initiative in order to bring it to market. Whether he is working in insurance, newspaper publishing, or other entrepreneurial endeavors, one thing is clear: Mr. Neasham is driven by innovation, and he is able to make a difference in numerous sectors.

In addition to these aspects of his career, Mr. Neasham is also a veteran of The US Navy. He served from 78-81 active duty. He served aboard the USS Emory S. Land AS-39 as well as the USS Enterprise CVN 65. From 82-84 served in the US Navy active and inactive reserves.

On this blog, Glenn Neasham will share his insights into business development and entrepreneurship in general, based on his decades of experience in these areas. Stay tuned!